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Loft Insulation

With so much heat escaping from your roof it is one of the best and effective uses of foam insulation.

We carefully cover and protect any items stored in your loft and proceed with spraying foam between rafters. The foam instantly sticks to the surface and the whole process is completed within hours.

If you wish to use your loft as a room we can also board all floors and walls supplying you with a whole new area that will be protected from mould, mildew and most importantly stay the correct temperature all year round.


Stud Wall / Roof Insulation

If creating a new room or stud wall it is standard practice to insulate between studs and rafters on walls and roofs.

Standard insulation will require cutting to shape and can become a timely process with wastage. Spray Foam is not only faster but the foam is much more efficient and also acts as a sound barrier.


Garage / Shed Conversion

With more people requiring space to work from home we have been using Spray Foam to fully insulated sheds and garages.

As Spray foam is installed at a thickness of 5.5inches it takes up a lot less room than standard insulation so you will have more of your room to enjoy after application.

Sheds can simply be fully sprayed with any type of board being placed over the top of it converting your wooden shed into a lovely office or games room.


Exterior Insulation

We also provide a range of exterior insulation which serves as a solution to a range of purposes. 

The method adopted uses foam board insulation secured to the exterior of a property with a smooth water proof K-Render applied to the outside.

This is great way to renovate the exterior of your home and can be applied directly onto of pebble dashing or existing brickwork/render. 


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